Amateur Athletes Seek Non-Opioid Pain Relief

They may not make those “Agony of Defeat” sports reels, but amateur athletes get injured all the time. Maybe it’s from an awkward golf swing. Or maybe it’s from not warming up or stretching before an event.

Whatever the cause, though, there’s one scary thing they have in common with the pros.

“The reality is that all athletes are one fall, twist, or tweak away from landing their own opioid prescription,” Outside magazine warned.

All Amateur Athletes Are At Risk

The timing couldn’t have been better for this warning.  It’s not just that the country is in the midst of an opioid crisis.  This crisis has claimed the lives of thousands and left countless more addicted to the drugs like OxyContin.  And as the magazine noted — physicians seem to start heeding last year’s urging by the CDC to dramatically curtail prescribing the drugs.

According to a survey for the Boston Globe by the SERMO physicians social network, more than half of doctors are doing exactly that.  And nearly one in 10 have completely stopped prescribing them.

As an amateur athlete suffering from pain, what are you supposed to do?  One especially popular alternative is drug-free chiropractic care.

Whereas opioids (and Ibuprofen forms of over-the-counter drugs) only “mask” the pain, chiropractic doctors approach the problem with determination.  Highly educated and trained in the structure and function of the human body, chiropractic doctors are ready.

And they use hands-on techniques to help enhance flexibility, muscle strength, and range of motion -; the very things all athletes need addressing. And yes, as the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress’ Dr Sherry McAllister says, chiropractic is covered by most insurance and health plans.