This is How Serious the Opioid Crisis Has Become

Should there be any doubt that we’re in the midst of an opioid abuse crisis, September has been declared “Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month.”

Emphasis on “drug-free.”

Lives Destroyed Due to Opioid Addiction

Lost in the headlines are the huge numbers of drug overdose deaths.  Over 90 Americans die each day.  And all too many patients’ downward spiral began with a routine doctor’s prescription for painkillers. Eventually the addiction moves from opiods like OxyContin to heroin and fenatyl.

“It’s become a sadly common story,” NPR reported. “Doctors prescribe powerful painkillers. People become addicted and seek out cheaper, more potent drugs like heroin and synthetic opioids.”  People commit minor crimes to support their habit.  Then, they find themselves introduced to the street level drug culture.  Eventually, it spirals out of control.

The Benefits of a Chiropractic First Approach

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress declared September as an awareness month.  It was added to the SHSMD/American Hospital Association’s Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days.

Many health experts have long backed a “chiropractic-first” approach.  It’s because they argue it’s a better way to help many patients’ spine and joint-related pain. Then others joined after the SDCP began urging physicians to stop prescribing opioids.  At last, the American College of Physicians recommended spinal manipulation.

More Public Awareness About Opioid Addiction

This sparked a month-long series of nationwide events.  These events were open to the public. The events featured state legislators and healthcare professionals.  Finally, the events were a success.  They showed the public how much value chiropractic care can be for seniors, athletes, pregnant women, military veterans, and other pain sufferers.